Energy Efficient Scotland user guide: homeowners

This guide is intended to help homeowners to understand Energy Efficient Scotland and the steps they can take to improve the energy efficiency of their property.

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This guide is intended to help you, as a homeowner or owner occupier, understand Energy Efficient Scotland, how to get involved in our consultation and the steps you can take to improve the energy efficiency of your property. We want your opinion and encourage you to take part in the consultation by submitting your response through the Scottish Government's Citizen Space using the link at the bottom of this page.

What is Energy Efficient Scotland?

Energy Efficient Scotland is the Scottish Government's energy efficiency improvement programme. It will run over the next 20 years and remove poor energy efficiency as a driver of fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions. Energy Efficient Scotland will ensure that our homes and buildings are warmer, greener and more efficient. To do so, the Programme will put in place a framework of standards for energy efficiency, based on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), and make available a range of support, including advice and financial assistance.

What does Energy Efficient Scotland mean for homeowners ?

The majority of homes in Scotland are owned by householders who live in them. As such, you play an important role in reducing our emissions as a country. We want all home owners to benefit from reduced energy bills and more efficient homes. To achieve this, we are proposing that all homeowner occupied homes will need to reach an EPC rating of at least band C by 2040, where technically feasible and cost-effective to do so.

To ensure that all homeowner occupied homes meet the standard in time, we will continue to focus on encouraging homeowners to improve their energy efficiency. We have proposed that, should voluntary progress not be enough, mandatory action may be required from 2030. You can take action now to achieve this standard by contacting Home Energy Scotland.

What measures can homeowners take?

For homes sold after 4 January 2009, your property should already have an EPC, which can be found at Measures that might help you improve the EPC rating include installing wall and roof insulation, upgrading to a more efficient boiler or investing in renewable energy generation. Please refer to our Energy Efficient Scotland user guide: energy efficiency measures for further details.

You can also take actions to reduce your energy bills by adopting improved energy efficient behaviours, installing a smart meter and LED lights, switching energy suppliers and acquiring energy efficient home appliances.

What support is available?

Home Energy Scotland (0808 808 2282) offers free and impartial advice on energy efficiency measures as well as on what support may be available, including potentially grants and interest-free loans . For a list of currently available resources and to access the Home Energy Scotland Check tool you can go to

If you are spending a significant proportion of your income on energy bills, you can contact Home Energy Scotland (0808 808 2282) to find out what support is available to help you improve the energy efficiency of your property.

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