Ending joint tenancies: equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment (EQIA) results for ending joint tenancies.

Equality Impact Assessment Results

Title of Policy:

Part 4 Housing (Scotland) Bill (“the Bill”) - Ending Joint Tenancies

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of Policy:

Measures in the Bill are designed to reform how joint tenancies in the private sector are ended to enable one joint tenant to end the tenancy for all tenants where there is no mutual agreement between joint tenants to end the tenancy. This would be possible only after the tenant who is seeking to end the tenancy has provided the other joint tenants with appropriate notice. This is intended to:

  • ensure no joint tenant can be indefinitely held to a rental contract against their wishes; and;
  • ensure a fair process for all joint tenants where one joint tenant wishes to leave the tenancy.


Directorate for Local Government and Housing: Better Homes: Private Rented Housing Team.


Email: housing.legislation@gov.scot

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