Employment support services: customer charter - easy read

A lived experience panel was established to create this customer charter, which brought together users from groups likely to experience barriers to employment, including disabled people, ethnic minority groups and care experienced people.

Introduction – No One Left Behind

No One Left Behind is the name of Scottish Government and Local Government’s new way of creating and providing employment support services.

The aim of this is to put the needs of the person who is getting the support first and so they have a say in their own support.

This new way of delivering employment support will be carried out by the Scottish Government, Local Government, charities and other service providers.

This will make services easier to understand and access by making the number of different employment support programmes smaller.

Current services will be replaced with a clearer way of getting support.

Some employment support services will still be delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions.

This charter will be used for services funded by the Scottish Government and councils. The support could be provided by local council, charities and other organisations.

If a service gives you this charter that means that it is used in the support you are getting. If you are not sure you should ask the service.

This charter will make big changes to employment support services to make sure people get the support they need when they need it.


Email: EmployabilityFeedback@gov.scot

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