Easy Read - Self-directed Support - Values and Principles Statement

The Values & Principles Statement tells us what difference Self-directed Support will make in people’s lives to the way people are supported

Care and Support in Scotland: Values and Principles Statement

The things we talk about in this statement are for:

carer helping wheelchair user

  • people of all ages who need care and support
  • people who may need care and support in the future
  • carers
  • people who give support in voluntary organisations
  • people who give support in independent organisations

local council

  • people who give support in local authorities


  • people who give support in the NHS
  • people that check the work of organisations that give care and support

human rights

This statement is based on human rights. These are the rights that every person has. They include things like the right not to be treated badly and the right to respect for your private life.

change care and support

This statement shows that the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 will help to change the way that care and support is given.

take control of support

It will give people the full opportunity to take control of their support and their lives.

person centred

The Self-directed Support Act shows how important independent living is.

independent living

Independent living is about disabled people of all ages having the same choice and control in their lives as other people.

community life

Independent living does not mean living by yourself with no help. It means having the right help and support to take part in the community.

Our Values

our values are important

Our values are the things that we think are very important.

our values

Our Principles

Our principles show how we make sure that people are always valued.

staff work with people

Members of staff work with people to make sure that they get the best results for them.

people are valued

We make sure that people always feel that they are valued.

right information for right support

It is important that we give people the right information so that they can choose the right support for them.

help people get right results

We use new and creative ways to help people get the right results.

be involved at all stages of support

We want people to be involved at all stages of their support.

community life

People will be supported to:

  • know their rights
  • take part in the development of local policies
  • be active in their communities

supported to be active in society

It is important that people are supported to take an active and equal part in their community and the wider society.

supported to have control over life

We will make sure people are supported to have control over their support and their life. We expect people to be responsible about their choices.

feel safe and secure

Our staff will support people to feel safe and secure in all areas of their life. We want people to enjoy their safety. We do not want people to feel they are being protected too much.

Our Commitment


All of the organisations listed below think that this statement is important. This is because it will shape how they give care and support across Scotland.

kept up to date

This statement will be looked at every year and kept up-to-date.

The following organisations have signed up to this statement:

supporting organisations

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