Culture strategy for Scotland: action plan - easy read

An easy to read translation of the action plan supporting the culture strategy for Scotland.

Talking about culture in Scotland

A strategy is a big plan.

Culture can mean:

  • the ways people are creative and express themselves
  • their traditions and customs like the language people use, the clothes they wear or the songs they sing
  • how people enjoy creative things that other people have made like films, craft and art

Culture is an important part of who we are and who we want to be.

Culture tells people about our past and encourages people to express themselves today.

It is an important part of people’s wellbeing – feeling comfortable, happy and healthy.

Culture makes the country richer and more successful.

The culture of Scotland is well known across the world.

Our creative organisations, creative people and communities come together to create amazing work.

When people share cultural experiences and everyone is included equally it helps us be creative and understand each other.

Everyone has the right to take part in cultural experiences and enjoy them.

This new Action Plan builds on our 2020 Culture Strategy and shows the work we will do to:

  • have strong cultural services now and in the future
  • support culture where everyone benefits and gets to take part



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