Early phase career of newly registered teachers: minutes index

A sub-group of the Strategic Board on Teacher Education.


The Strategic Board for Teacher Education recognises the limitations on content that can be covered during initial teacher education, the variability of experience by probationers whilst on the Teacher Induction Scheme or Flexible Route, and the need to consider how the offer of professional learning and support available to newly registered teachers in the critical early phase of their careers can be improved.  

To that end it was agreed to establish the Early Phase Career of Newly Registered Teachers Sub-Group. 

Key functions

The sub-group considers how newly registered teachers are supported to develop their skills further to completion of initial teacher education. 

The group examines the role that the Teacher Induction Scheme and Flexible Route play in supporting newly registered teachers, as well as considering whether additional measures are needed to help post probation teachers develop their sense of agency and access high quality professional learning designed to meet their personal development needs. 

The work programme of the sub-group will be in two phases:

  • Phase One involves working with all key stakeholders to identify what changes are needed to further prepare newly registered teachers to enter the teaching profession as well as during the critical early phase stage of their career
  • Phase Two will consider how these findings should be addressed

The group will present the findings from Phase One to the Strategic Board for Teacher Education at the end of November 2019.   


  • Carrie Lindsay, Executive Director for Education & Children’s Services, Fife Council (Chair)
  • Barbara Coupar, Scottish Catholic Education Service
  • Duncan Lawrie, Probationer
  • Sharon McLellan, The Association of Headteachers and Deputes in Scotland
  • Ken Muir, General Teaching Council for Scotland
  • Anne Paterson, Regional Improvement Collaboratives
  • Jane Peckham, NASWT
  • Susan Quinn, Educational Institute for Scotland
  • Seamus Searson, Scottish Secondary Teachers Association
  • Barrie Sheppard, National Parent Forum Scotland
  • Neil Taylor, Scottish Council of Deans of Education
  • Jim Thewliss, School Leaders Scotland
  • Lesley Walker, Education Scotland
  • David Roy, Scottish Government
  • Fearghal Kelly, Scottish Government
  • Kevin Hanlon, Scottish Government
  • Stephanie Walsh, Scottish Government
  • Helen Reid, Scottish Government (Secretary)


Early Phase Career Group minutes: November 2019

Early Phase Career Group minutes: September 2019

Early Phase Career Group minutes: May 2019


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