Duty of Candour applicable services: list

A list of services to whom the Duty of Candour applies.

The Duty of Candour applies to the following services: 

  • NHS Boards

  • Scottish Ambulance Service

  • State Hospital

  • Golden Jubilee

  • GP services

  • dentistry

  • Glasgow Dental Hospital

  • pharmacy

  • optometry

  • independent hospital and hospices

  • private psychiatric hospitals

  • independent clinics

  • independent medical agencies

  • independent ambulance services

  • support services

  • care home services

  • school care accommodation service

  • nurse agencies

  • child care agencies

  • secure accommodation services

  • offender accommodation services

  • adoption services

  • fostering services

  • adult placement services

  • day care of children

  • housing support services

  • social work services offered by or on behalf of local authorities


Email: dutyofcandour@gov.scot

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