Draft Self-directed Support (Direct Payments) (Scotland) Regulations 2013

A public consultation on draft Regulations

to accompany the Social Care (Self-directed

Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

Consultation Paper


1. In January 2013 the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act ("the 2013 Act) received Royal Assent. The Act makes provision about the way in which certain social care services are provided. In particular, it provides a variety of choices as to how a person wishes to arrange their care and support.

2. During the SDS Bill's passage through the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Ministers made a commitment to develop statutory guidance and Regulations to accompany the Act, and to consult on the content of the guidance and Regulations. Attached to this consultation paper are a set of draft Regulations to accompany the Act which deal specifically with direct payments. The Scottish Government invites views on the content, purpose and effect of the Regulations. Alongside this, the Scottish Government is inviting views on a detailed statutory guidance document to accompany the Act and the Regulations. This consultation paper provides an explanation of the Regulations and outlines some key consultation questions on which we would like to hear your views.


Email: Adam Milne

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