Diversity and inclusion strategy: equality impact assessment

The equality impact assessment for Scottish Government's employer diversity and inclusion strategy.

Equality Impact Assessment – Results

Title of Policy: Scottish Government Employer Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of Policy: Key principles of the strategy are that it will be:

  • Impact focussed
  • Data driven
  • Concentrated to focus effort where change is needed most
  • Multi strand and intersectional
  • Supplemented by equality strand specific action where needed

This will drive progress towards our two employer equality outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: By 2025, our workforce will have increased in diversity to reflect the general Scottish population.
  • Outcome 2: By 2025, workforce culture will be more inclusive with employees from all backgrounds and characteristics and experiences reporting they feel increasingly valued.

Directorate: People Directorate


Email: diversityteam@gov.scot

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