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Diversity in the teaching profession: minutes index

Published: 8 Mar 2018

A sub-group of the Strategic Board on Teacher Education.

8 Mar 2018
Diversity in the teaching profession: minutes index

The Strategic Board for Teacher Education, including Scottish Government, is keen to take the views of a specialist short-term working group on the issue of diversity.

Members are invited to reflect on the current make-up of the profession and consider ways in which teaching can become more representative of Scottish society. This will include considering existing evidence including relevant data extracted from the annual Teacher Census.

The short term working group will explore:

  • whether Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programmes and associated recruitment activity are attractive and relevant to students from black and minority ethnic backgrounds
  • whether university admissions processes are sufficiently enabling to capture the range of possible applicants from diverse backgrounds
  • student placement experiences and the on-going support for students from minority backgrounds
  • the retention of student teachers and teachers from minority backgrounds


  • Professor Rowena Arshad (Chair) Univesity of Edinburgh
  • Ken Muir GTCS
  • Dr Morag Redford Scottish Council of Deans of Education
  • Khadija Mohammad
  • Scottish Association of Minority Ethnic Educators (SAMEE)
  • Hakim Din
  • Calabar Education Consultants (former HMIE)
  • Maureen McKenna Association of Directors of Education Scotland (ADES)
  • Eloise Nutbrown
  • Migration Population and Diversity (COSLA)
  • David Roy Scottish Government
  • Kelly Ireland (Secretariat) Scottish Government

While having a core membership it is expected that the group will meet with other interested parties such as the trade unions and other key stakeholders during the course of its work.


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