Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services

Report detailing Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services.


Colin Cook Director, Digital Directorate Scottish Government

This report was commissioned in order to generate ideas and inform our thinking about potential applications and opportunities for Distributed Ledger Technology within Scotland.

The report's authors, Rab Campbell, Gillian Thompson, Peter Ferry and Hannah Rudman have identified international best practice and, through a series of interviews with practitioners and experts, identified the potential benefits of the technology and provided us with food for thought about the way forward. These include opportunities within the delivery of digital public services and for the further development of a vibrant digital economy in our country.

For my part, I hope that this report will challenge us all to consider the practical steps that we need—across all sectors of the economy—to take advantage of the opportunities it describes. Nobody can predict with any certainty what the most significant benefits of any technology will ultimately prove to be, but we can continue to scan the horizon, engage with experts and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

I look forward to continuing discussions about the future opportunities for Distributed Ledger Technology.

Colin Cook
Director, Digital Directorate
Scottish Government


Email: Alexander Holt

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