Digital Health and Care Data Strategy Working Group minutes: February 2023

Minutes from the meeting held on the 8 February 2023.

Attendees and apologies

Chair (Interim)

  • Ryan Anderson (RA)

Working group members

  • Elena Beratarbide (EB)
  • Ruth Griffith (RG)
  • Dorren Grove (DG)
  • Ruth Meyer (RM)
  • Shona Nicol (SN)
  • Penni Rocks (PR)
  • Mark Simpson (MS)
  • Neil White (NW)
  • Gemma Wilson (GW)


  • Simon Crawley (SC)


  • Colin Birchenall (CB)
  • Alistair Hodgson (AH)
  • Imme Jones (IJ)
  • Clare Mills (CM)

Items and actions

Welcome and apologies observed 

RA (Interim Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted apologies from Colin Birchenall (CB), Alistair Hodgson (AH), Imme Jones (IJ) and Clare Mills (CM). 

Data Strategy update including the data strategy executive summary 

RA provided an update on the Data Strategy and an overview of the Data Strategy executive summary to receive feedback and input. 

The update covered: 

  • the Data Strategy was issued to the Health and Social Care Management Board (HSCMB) and Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) on 17 January for final input and sign off 

  • feedback received from HSCMB was to reduce the length and make the Strategy relevant to the public and front-line workers 

  • to address the feedback, an executive summary was developed which clearly sets out what the Data Strategy means for the public, professionals and researchers 

  • MS is working with APS regarding the publication of the Data Strategy and the executive summary 

  • RA issued a submission to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care to seek approval to publish the Data Strategy  

  • following approval from the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, the Data Strategy will be launched at the Digital Health and Care Scotland Conference on 22nd February 

  • MS advised that in addition to the launch at the DHAC conference, Councillor Kelly will also be hosting a session at the conference alongside the Deputy Director for Digital Health and Care. Various social media channels are being considered to highlight the publication of the Data Strategy 

The group discussed: 

  • how we can ensure private and public sector organisations have digital access and sharing capabilities to health and social care data 

The group noted: 

  • the Data Strategy sets out best practice and encourages organisations to use digital methods for storing and sharing data to enable better use of health and social care data  

  • consideration will be given to how we monitor progress of the Data Strategy deliverables, a proposal will be developed and shared with Data Board 

  • the next phase of engagement is in development 

  • the Data and Intelligence Network are holding sessions with the public regarding the public's view on the sharing of data. This work will help us to identify areas that we want to explore further the public 

Next steps: 

  • GW to discuss future remit of the Working Group with CB 

  • GW to develop a proposal to Health and Social Care Data Board for the monitoring of the Data Strategy deliverables 

  • MS to develop a plan for the next phase of engagement with professionals, stakeholders and the public  

APS design of the data strategy  

MS provided an overview of the design of the Data Strategy as provided by APS.  

The group noted: 

  • the design of Data Strategy and the executive summary along with associated Impact Assessments will be uploaded to meeting accessibility requirements. A British Sign Language and easy read version of the executive summary will also be published 

The group agreed: 

  • working group members were content with the design of the strategy  

Next steps: 

The Data Strategy will progress with APS for publication on 22 February 2023.

Any other business 

RA requested working group members cascade the Data Strategy to their teams and stakeholders when published  

The next working group meeting: Wednesday 8 March 11:30 to 13:00. 

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