Digital Health and Care Data Strategy Working Group minutes: December 2022

Minutes from meeting held on 14 December 2022.

Attendees and apologies

Chair (interim)

  • Mark Simpsom (MS) 

Working group members

  • Ryan Anderson (RA)
  • Elena Beratarbide (EB)
  • Ruth Griffith (RG)
  • Ruth Meyer (RM)
  • Penni Rocks (PR)


  • Simon Crawley (SC)


  • Colin Birchenall (CB)
  • Doreen Grove (DG)
  • Alistair Hodgson (AH)
  • Imme Jones (IJ)
  • Adam Lang (AL)
  • Clare Mills (CM)
  • Shona Nicol (SN)
  • Gemma Wilson (GW)

Items and actions

Welcome and apologies observed

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and observed apologies.

Data strategy update

RA provided an update on the data strategy for health and social care and discussed feedback received from Scottish Care regarding future iterations of the Data Strategy.

The group noted:

  • future iterations of the data strategy will take into account feedback from organisations and members of the working group and the data board to ensure that social care and social work is represented appropriately within the data strategy

The group discussed:

  • how to best engage with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and policy teams regarding consent, Power of Attorney and guardianship

Next steps:

  • RA will arrange future engagement with SME’s and relevant policy teams to obtain a further understanding of consent and ensure that the language used appropriately aligns with the care sector

Data strategy impact assessment update

SC provided an update on the latest iterations of the impact assessments currently in development for the data strategy.

The group noted:

  • the feedback received on the Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) from the Equalities and Inclusion workshop. A further session with the Equalities and Inclusion group has been scheduled for 1 February 2023
  • engagement sessions have been arranged with relevant SME’s to obtain feedback and further input on the Island Communities, Children’s Rights and Wellbeing and EQIA
  • the impact assessments have not highlighted any potential  negative impacts. Therefore the strategy should continue in its current direction

Next steps:

  • SC to incorporate feedback received and from future engagement sessions for theiImpact assessments. Future engagement sessions will also be arranged as and when required before and after the publication of the data strategy to ensure the impact of the data strategy is continuously observed

Any other business

Next working group meeting: Wednesday 11 January 11:30 to 12:00

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