Design certification scheme approval: application form

Guidance and application form for approval of a scheme for certification of design.


Before completing the application form, please refer to the guidance notes for instruction. Please complete and submit the form to Building Standards division for checking and assessment.


Building Standards division recommend that Scottish Ministers approve schemes where individual members excercise the function of approved certifiers only when they are supported by an approved body.

Schemes must be operated by scheme providers that meet the criteria for appointment.

Scheme providers must keep a record of all certificates issued by scheme members.

Each certificate that is issued must be signed by both an approved certifier and the certification co-ordinator of an approved body.

More information

It is recommended before completing the form that applicants refer to the guidance contained in both the Building Standards division's Procedural Handbook and Certification Handbook.

guidance for completion of the application for approval of a scheme for certification of construction or design.pdf

application for approval of a scheme for certification of design - under section 7(2).doc



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