Decommissioning of the Radio Teleswitch service: Letter to energy suppliers

Open letter from Minister for Climate Action Gillian Martin urging energy suppliers to prioritise Radio Teleswitch Service customers when progressing the roll-out of smart meters

From: Gillian Martin, Minister for Climate Action

To: Energy suppliers 

I am writing to you about the decommissioning of the Radio Teleswitch Service (RTS)  due to take place next year.

Energy UK estimates that approximately 250,000 domestic and non-domestic properties in Scotland currently use a RTS connection. This accounts for more than a quarter of all RTS customers across the UK and is proportionally higher than Scotland’s share of overall households. Properties using the RTS service are dispersed across Scotland but are typically located in areas with no mains gas supply.  

Given the detriment that these consumers could face if their meter is not replaced by June 2025, I am seeking an urgent assurance that you will prioritise RTS customers when progressing the smart meter roll-out programme, in line with the UK Government’s targets. I would urge you to take every possible step to engage these customers as soon as possible, particularly those on your Priority Services Register.

I also know that there are some rural areas in Scotland not yet connected to the smart meter network and which will require the installation of temporary pre-programmed smart meters. It is crucial that consumers in this position are fully engaged in the process to avoid incorrect billing until they can get a smart meter replacement.

My officials will continue to engage with Ofgem, Smart Energy GB and other partners on how to help raise awareness of this issue. I would be happy to meet with you and to hear directly about the steps which you plan to take to ensure that this transition progresses as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Yours sincerely, 

Gillian Martin 

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