Patient care - daily dynamic discharge approach: guidance

Guidance on the daily dynamic discharge approach to improving the timeliness and quality of patient care by planning and synchronising the day's activities.

An introduction to the 6 Essential Actions for Improving Unscheduled Care

The 6 Essential Actions to Improving Unscheduled Care [1] Improvement Programme was launched in May 2015. In consultation, 6 Essential Actions were identified as being fundamental to improving patient care, safety and experience for the unscheduled care pathways.

The Six Essential Actions

1. Clinically Focussed and Empowered Hospital Management

2. Capacity and Patient Flow Realignment

3. Patient Rather than Bed Management

4. Medical and Surgical Processes arranged for Optimal Care

5. Targeted 7 Day Services

6. Ensuring Patients are Cared for in their Own Home

The aim of the programme is 'safe, person centred, effective care delivered to every patient, every time without unnecessary waits, delays and duplication'.


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