Council Tax Collection Statistics

Council Tax collection figures by Scottish Local Authorities for 2006-07 and previous years.

Council Tax Collection Statistics

This statistical publication notice provides Council Tax ( CT) collection figures by Scottish Local Authorities for the financial year 2006-07 and previous years. The key points are:

  • In 2006-07, for Scotland as a whole, the total amount of Council Tax billed (excluding Council Tax Benefit) was £1.867 billion. Of this total, £1.751 billion was collected by 31 March 2007.
  • The provisional Scotland total in-year CT collection rate for 2006-07 was 93.8%, a 0.5 percentage point increase from the previous year (see table 2).
  • Since 1993-94, the overall total amount of Council Tax billed in Scotland was £18.487 billion, of which £17.661 billion, or 95.5% was collected by 31 March 2007.
  • Provisional in-year CT collection rates for 2006-07 range from a low of 86.0% in Glasgow, to a high of 97.8% in Orkney.
  • These provisional figures suggest that 27 out of 32 councils have improved on their 2005-06 in-year CT collection rate figures published by Audit Scotland. There were 5 councils that did not improve. Of these, Dundee, East Lothian and South Ayrshire showed no change from 2005-06. The remaining two councils were Eilean Siar (-0.2 percentage points) and Glasgow (-0.1 percentage points).

The in-year Council Tax collection rate is a Statutory Performance Indicator. The figures for 2006-07 in this Statistical Publication Notice are provisional, pre-audit estimates. Audited figures for 2006-07 will be published by Audit Scotland in due course.


Table 1: Summary of reported amounts of Council Tax billed and received: Scotland
Table 2: Summary of in-year Council Tax percentage received, by year to which the bill refers: Scotland and Local Authorities
Table 3: Summary of reported total council tax percentage received by 31 March 2007, by year to which bill refers: Local Authorities

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