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Coronavirus: Scottish test numbers

Published: 22 Feb 2020

Daily updates detailing the number of concluded tests for coronavirus (COVID-19) originating from Scotland.

22 Feb 2020
Coronavirus: Scottish test numbers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - situation in Scotland

A total of 382 Scottish tests have concluded, of which 382 were confirmed negative and 0 positive (as of 22 February 2020).

We will publish updated data on this page on a daily basis after 2pm until further notice.

The Department of Health and Social Care publishes UK figures, on behalf of all UK Chief Medical OfficersTest results from Scotland are included in the overall UK figure.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared a public health emergency of international concern, and in response, the four UK Chief Medical Officers changed the UK risk level from low to moderate. 

This does not mean that the risk to individuals has increased, and it does not mean that any additional precautions are necessary. The change reflects the need for governments and the health service to escalate planning and preparation in case of a more widespread outbreak.

The Scottish Government’s approach is guided by the Chief Medical Officer, and we continue to monitor the situation closely and to work with the WHO and international community.

Overseas visitors to Scotland, regardless of their residency status, are exempt from NHS charges for both the diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The NHS Inform website has more information on accessing healthcare and assistance:

Read UK Government information for the public on the Novel coronavirus.

More information and advice on the Novel coronavirus is on the Health Protection Scotland website.