Consultation in relation to section 268 appeals against conditions of excessive security - Responses

Responses received to the consultation on section 268 appeals.

Supporting documents

S268-001 - Miss Louise Whitehill

S268-002 - Mr J A L Miller

S268-003 - Respondant

S268-004 - Argyll & Bute Council

S268-006 - British Psychological Society

S268-007 - Patients' Advocacy Service

S268-008 - People First (Scotland)

S268-010 - Dr J A T Dyer

S268-011 - Miss C Fotheringham

S268-012 - Mental Welfare Commission

S268-013 - The Advocacy Project

S268-014 - Mr D Campbell

S268-015 - Support in Mind

S268-016 - Faculty of Advocates

S268-019 - Miss R Moore

S268-020 - Miss L Robertson

S268-021 - Midlothian Council

S268-024 - Autism Rights

S268-025 - Legal Services Agency

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