Regulation of independent health care - amendments: consultation

We are consulting on changes to the way independent health care in Scotland is regulated.

1. Introduction

The providers of independent health care in Scotland and the UK are many and varied, and the complexity of this area of health care provision continues to increase. The Scottish Government wants all health care provided to people in Scotland to be safe, appropriate and carried out by those with the right qualifications.

To achieve this vision, we need to ensure that independent health care services provided in Scotland are effectively regulated. We want the regulation of independent health care in Scotland to reflect the current landscape of provision, which includes an increasing number of services provided online. It is also important that this regulation is self-funding.

We ran a consultation in 2020, which focused on non-surgical cosmetic procedures which pierce or penetrate the skin, such as lip enhancements and dermal fillers. This consultation also asked whether services provided by pharmacists who undertake independent health care practices (including non-surgical cosmetic procedures), outwith the terms of an NHS contract should be regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

As the independent health care landscape in Scotland continues to change, we believe this may mean that the way independent health care is regulated needs to be updated. We are taking this opportunity to run a new consultation to seek views as to whether further change is needed and how it should happen.



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