Community-led local development grant: how to apply

Guidance on how to apply for projects relating to community-led local development via the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund.

This application form should be used for projects which support a community-led local development strategy.  

Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) will consider applications and decide how funding is allocated. Funds are available to support projects which will deliver any of the following;

  • add value, create jobs, attract young people & promote innovation at all stages of the supply chain for fishery and aquaculture products
  • enable diversification of income inside or outside commercial fisheries – support lifelong learning, training and job creation
  • enhance and capitalise on the environmental assets of the fisheries and aquaculture areas, including projects to mitigate climate change
  • promote social wellbeing and cultural heritage in fisheries and aquaculture areas, including fisheries, aquaculture, maritime cultural heritage and tourism
  • strengthen the role of fisheries communities in local development and the governance of local fisheries resources and maritime activities

Applications should be made through the EMFF esystem.

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