Community Experiences of Sectarianism

This study explored community experiences and perceptions of sectarianism, based on in-depth qualitative research within five case study communities across Scotland. The insights obtained provide depth and context to other research about sectarianism, including quantitative survey and national criminal offending data.


The research team would like to thank all the members of the public who participated in the research for contributing their time to speak to us. We would also like to thank the people in each case study area who helped us set up the interviews and focus groups and who, to protect anonymity, cannot be named here.

Thanks are also due to Betsy Olson, Rose Barbour, Linda Woodhead, Colin Macilwain, our Scottish Government research colleagues, the Independent Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism, the Demography Division of the National Records of Scotland and our transcribers and administrative colleagues.

Wherever names of participants appear in quotes, these have been changed, to prevent identification.

The list of authors of this report is alphabetical and is not reflective of people's relative contribution to the project. Goodall was Principal Investigator and led the project. The Co-Investigators were Hopkins, McKerrell and J Richardson. Markey, Millar and M Richardson were the researchers on the project; each of them also made a major contribution to the analysis, and contributed sections of the report.


Email: Linzie Liddell

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