Common fisheries: notification to the Scottish Parliament

Notification about deficiencies and proposed amendments in legislation due to EU exit in the event of a 'no deal' scenario.

This is a notification to the Scottish Parliament under the Protocol on obtaining the approval of the Scottish Parliament to the exercise of powers by UK Ministers under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 in relation to proposals within the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament. It explains the corrections to deficiencies in legislation (which may result from EU Exit) which are to be legislated for through a UK Statutory Instrument.

Under the terms of the protocol, Scottish Government must prepare a document notifying the Scottish Parliament of its intention to consent to devolved matters being included in the Statutory Instrument. The relevant Parliamentary Committee will then scrutinise Scottish Ministers’ intention to consent. 

Notifications are being prepared for each policy area and describe the legislation impacted, the nature of the deficiencies, the proposed corrections and why these are necessary in the event there is no deal with the EU.

The notification below covers proposed amendments to regulations relating to common fisheries policy. See the full list of notifications.


Email: Central Enquiries Unit

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