Coal Restoration Working Group: terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Coal Restoration Working Group.

  1. This working group will take forward the progression and monitoring of options relating to restoration from the final report to the Scottish Coal Taskforce by its compliance and finance sub-groups; Towards better regulation.
  2. It will recommend how planning authorities should approach restoration in the future and will consider the value of drafting templates for working practices in order that they can be clearly understood, reducing the risk that they can be unpicked. It should also explore and recommend other initiatives of good practice arising from the report.
  3. With support, it will take written or face-to-face contributions from interested parties (not otherwise on the group) to include the following. Where it adds value, the working party will co-opt people (with their consent) from those interested parties onto the group: accountancy, insurance, banking, SOLAR, the Coal Authority, community representation, RSPB, SEPA, SNH.
  4. It will meet quarterly to discuss any advice gathered and it will draft conclusions to support the continued monitoring and progression of restoration. It will be supported by a secretariat provided by Scottish Government energy policy and planning officials. It will be chaired by Russel Griggs.
  5. It will provide from time to time reports with conclusions and recommendations for best practice to the Scottish Government relating to site restoration techniques and monitoring.
  6. It will exchange best practices around community engagement in order to help and shape priorities.
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Telephone: 0131 244 7528

Area 2-H (South)
Planning and Architecture Division
The Scottish Government
Victoria Quay

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