Cancer waiting times standards in Scotland: clinical review

A clinical review of Cancer Waiting Times (CWT) Standards in Scotland has been undertaken to shape information that could significantly change and enhance the patient experience.

1. Foreword

Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport

As Chair of the Ministerial Cancer Performance Delivery Group, I welcome this independent clinically-led review of Cancer Waiting Times ( CWT) Standards in Scotland and its recommendations.

With more people coming through our cancer pathways than ever before it's imperative that we ensure they're appropriately supported in doing so and receive the best, timely care possible.

I appreciate everyone's work and efforts across NHS Scotland every day to ensure cancer patients remain a priority however there's no denying that more needs to be done to improve current cancer waiting times performance.

The publication of this report marks a step change and I look forward to working with our delivery group, and wider networks to turn the Review's recommendations into reality to ultimately improve cancer outcomes for people in Scotland.

Shona Robison,
Cabinet Secretary for Health & Sport


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