Climate Challenge Fund: projects funded for 2019-2021

List of community-led projects that have been awarded with Climate Challenge Fund grants for 2019-2021.


Harvest Ministries will run the Harvest Environment Awareness project to help the residents of Banff to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and fuel poverty. Project activities will include a variety of home energy advice and FuelGood driving courses. The project will also engage the community in discussion about climate change through Climate Conversations workshops and other events. £170,835.

The Alford Green Hub project will be run by Alford and District Men’s Shed to improve the energy efficiency of the former school buildings and provide food growing space. Additional activities will include food sharing, reuse workshops, promotion of green transport and energy efficiency advice, all of which will provide practical demonstrations. £195,824.

Argyll and Bute

The Bute Carbon Free Families Project will be led by Fyne Futures Ltd in collaboration with Incredible Edible Bute and Rothesay Joint Campus to help the Isle of Bute community to reduce their carbon footprint through activities such as sharing of locally grown food and repairing and upcycling of household items. The project will also help the community to understand the links between food, waste and climate change. £35,735.

City of Edinburgh

SCOREscotland's Green Futures Project will support communities around the west of Edinburgh to reduce the amount of food, textiles and bikes destined for landfill. Initiatives include a Community Fridge, food sharing, repair workshops and a programme to increase awareness of climate change and how to help tackle it. £282,867.

Leith Community Crops in Pots will run Croft Carbon College to provide a wide range of workshops, online learning and community activities that improve the Climate Literacy and climate change combating skills of participants. Further initiatives will include a comprehensive trainee programme in food growing.  £254,936.

The Salisbury Centre's Living Lighter project will tackle carbon emissions associated with food and waste by providing food growing, cooking, upcycling and sewing sessions. The project will also facilitate discussion about climate change by running Climate and Carbon Conversations and host an Annual Interfaith Environmental Summit. £185,292.

Dumfries and Galloway

The Greystone Rovers Foundation's Kicking Carbon project will help Dumfries High School and the David Keswick Athletic Centre to reduce their carbon emissions through reuse of sports kit and adoption of more sustainable travel. Project activities include a kit and boot bank, energy efficient laundry and sustainable travel initiatives with a goal to improve Carbon Literacy and facilitate discussion about climate change. £139,453.


Forth Valley Sensory Centre's Making Sense of Energy Saving project will help people across the Forth Valley with sight or hearing loss to reduce their energy use, carbon emissions and address fuel poverty. Project activities will include accessible home energy advice and the facilitation of discussion about climate change. £102,926.

Glasgow City

The Scottish Ethnic Minority Deaf Club's Y WASTE project will help the ethnic minority deaf community of Glasgow and surrounding areas to move towards a low carbon lifestyle by reducing energy use in the home and reducing food waste going to landfill. The project will also facilitate activities to increase understanding of climate change and ways to help tackle it. £132,757.

Gilded Lily CIC's Waste into Wishes project will offer free support to help women in Govan and surrounding areas of Glasgow to reduce plastic, paper, textiles and food being sent to landfill. Project activities will include upcycling workshops, sewing classes, swap shops and community meals. The project will also increase understanding of climate change through a series of movies, talks, events and training sessions. £178,518.

University of Strathclyde Students' Association will address food waste and food poverty, through collaboration with local Students' Associations and local food retailers. The Townhead Area Foodsharing Project will facilitate students and residents in the area to collect unwanted food from local retailers with a food sharing hub in the Townhead area. £80,000.


Thurso Community Development Trust's Thurso Grows project will establish a new community growing space to reduce food miles and will offer support to help the residents of Thurso learn more about food growing, how to reduce food waste and the links between food choices and climate change. £122,568.


The Broomhill Community Hub and Gardens project will be run by the Inverclyde Association for Mental Health to help Broomhill residents to reduce carbon emissions by growing more local food and tackling food waste. The project will also help to improve understanding of the links between food choices and climate change through a variety of practical workshops and community events. £185,316.

Belville Community Garden Trust's Great Big Community Food Cycle will support residents in Inverclyde to reduce their food waste by setting up a Community Fridge network and promoting local food. The project will also facilitate discussion about climate change by embedding Climate Conversations through all workshops and classes. £149,791.

North Ayrshire

Arran Eco Savvy's Sustainable Island Life Project will offer home energy efficiency advice to help residents on the Isle of Arran to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions with additional support to address fuel poverty. Further project activities will focus on food waste and lower carbon travel alternatives. A variety of Carbon Literacy workshops and resources will be available through the Eco Savvy Carbon Literacy scheme. £293,638.


ReMode Renfrewshire’s ReMode Make ReDress project will empower young people and the wider communities of Renfrewshire’s outlying villages to take an active role in combating the environmental impact of fashion and textiles. Project activities will include clothing repair and upcycling sessions and clothes swishes. £263,061.

Scottish Borders

A Heart for Duns will run the Carbon Impact Duns project to improve the energy efficiency at the Duns Volunteer Hall through better lighting, insulation and water management. The project will also help local residents to reduce their home energy use and learn more about the links between energy and climate change through home energy advice visits and a demonstration project in the Volunteer Hall. £145,705.


The Bannockburn House Gardens Project will be run by Bannockburn House Trust to support people from Bannockburn and the Eastern Stirlingshire villages to extend and develop the semi-derelict walled gardens and orchard at Bannockburn House. The project will also facilitate learning and discussion on food and climate change through an exciting programme of information, activities, workshops and events. £114,208.

West Dunbartonshire

Isaro Social Integration Network's Climate Challenge Initiative will help ethnic minorities in West Dunbartonshire and beyond to reduce their home energy use, save resources from landfill and travel more sustainably. Project activities will include home energy advice, repair workshops, FuelGood driver training and a Climate Action Community Hub to improve understanding of climate change. £97,463.

Community Links Scotland's Carbon Conversations project will support people from across West Dunbartonshire to make small but significant lifestyle changes which will reduce carbon emissions. The project will also empower project participants to achieve qualifications in community leadership and deliver carbon awareness training locally. £110,668.

West Lothian

Fun Little Education's Grow Your Own project will help the Broxburn Community to reduce their carbon emissions through growing food locally, helping to cut food miles. The project will also facilitate learning and discussion about climate change by linking food choices to climate change and by running a variety of community events. £31,800.

Western Isles

Clan Macquarrie Community Centre's Energy Efficiency Project will help to improve the energy efficiency of the community centre through installation of insulation and LED lighting. The project will also offer support and information to help the wider Lewis and Harris community to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and fuel poverty and learn more about climate change. £32,731. 




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