Children (Care and Justice) (Scotland) Bill: summary - easy read

An easy-to-read summary of the key changes that the Children (Care and Justice) (Scotland) Bill makes for children and young people.


We asked

  • In 2022 the Scottish Government asked people for their views on the possible changes to the law about how we protect and support children in Scotland.
  • You can find out more about what we asked and why it is important.

You said

  • We received over 100 responses, some from children and young people.
  • 243 survey responses were also received from the Scottish Youth Parliament.
  • We are so grateful to everyone who responded.

We did

  • We looked at all information and wrote a full report and an accessible version.
  • Different people wanted different changes. Children and young people's views helped to shape the information we gave to Scottish Ministers.
  • Scottish Ministers have decided on a draft set of changes to the law (called a Bill). This Bill has been put into Parliament.

Bill aims

  • To better protect and support children under 18, especially those who are in contact with the children's hearings system and criminal justice system, or are in care settings including those who are placed across borders.
  • To help Scotland to Keep the Promise.
  • Promote the children's rights in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
  • Change the laws which affect the lives and futures of children across Scotland.


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