Child rights and wellbeing impact assessments: list

A list of published child rights and wellbeing impact assessments (CRWIAs) from December 2015 onwards.

We have changed the format to view published Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessments (CRWIAs) and will now be using an excel worksheet. 

This is because from July 2024, whenever a Bill, most Scottish Statutory Instruments, and strategic decisions relating the rights and wellbeing of children are made, there will be a legal requirement to produce a CRWIA during development. 

A CRWIA is used to research, to analyse, and to record the anticipated impact of legislative provisions and strategic decisions on the rights and wellbeing on children. 

This change in legal status will mean an increase the numbers of CRWIAs published. This format will be easier to keep up-to-date and will help readers use existing evidence to help them draft their CRWIAs.  

The new format means we will also be able to include more information on the theme of CRWIAs, the evidence used, and the impacted rights within the UNCRC Act 2024.

Child rights and wellbeing impact assessments: list from 2015 - January 2024
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