Child Protection Improvement Programme: equality impact assessment record

Record of assessments of the Child Protection Improvement Programme, testing how the programme would affect our aims for equality.

Child Protection Improvement Programme: Equality Impact Assessment Record

Title of policy/ practice/ strategy/ legislation etc.

The Child Protection Improvement Programme


The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills

Minister for Childcare and Early Years

Lead official

Philippa Brosnan / Katherine Hudson

Officials involved in the EqIA



Sandra Aitken

Deborah Gallagher

Katrina McDonald

Belinda McEwan

Jack Murray

Rachel Wilson

Child Protection

Child Protection

Child Protection

Child Protection

Child Protection

Child Protection

Directorate: Division: Team

Children and Families: Care and Protection: Child Protection

Is this new policy or revision to an existing policy?

This is a new Programme designed to examine the effectiveness of existing policy and provide recommendations for further improvement.


Email: Francois Roos,

Phone: 0300 244 4000 – Central Enquiry Unit

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