Charter of Patient Rights and Resposibilities - Consultation Responses

Responses to be published following the public consultation of the Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Under the Patients Rights Act a Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities must be published by 1 October 2012. The public consultation on the draft Charter was launched on 2 April 2012 and closed on 25 June 2012. The consultation sought views in relation to 5 specific areas: content, accessibility, design, availability, and the balance of rights and responsibilities. We are now working toward an analysis of the comments provided. This is the publication of responses received from individuals and organisations willing to make them public. Certain respondents have opted for partial or complete anonymity.

001 Jack Ferris

002 General Dental Council

003 Individual

005 Equality & Human Rights Commission

007 Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

008 North Lanarkshire Disability Forum

009 Kathleen Butlin

010 Individual

011 Individual

012 NHS 24

014 NHS Lanarkshire

015 Individual

016 Royal College of Midwives

017 Scottish Women's Convention

018 Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance

019 Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh

020 State Hospitals Board for Scotland

021 NHS Ayrshire & Arran

022 NHS Tayside

023 NHS Tayside Public Partners

024 Colin Angus

025 Royal College of Radiologists

026 Individual

027 Stirling Council

028 Genetic Alliance UK

029: Scottish Council on Deafness

030 Borders Public Partnership Forum

031 Information Commissioner's Office

032 NHS Dumfries & Galloway

033 Royal College of Nursing

034 NHS Greater Glasgow &Clyde

035 Scottish Health Council

036 Sense Scotland

037 NHS National Services Scotland

038 Individual

039 NHS Highland

042 Jack Ferguson

045 Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland

048 Citizens Advice Scotland

049 NHS Health Scotland

050 Action for Sick Children (Scotland)

051 British Medical Association (Scotland)

052 Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

053 Inclusion Scotland

054 NHS Education for Scotland

056 South Edinburgh Health Forum

058 Jeannie Erskine

059 Anne Lindsay

060 British Dental Association

062 Froghall Community Council

063 NHS Shetland


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