Celtic Forum on green energy, culture and youth mobility: memorandum of understanding and declaration

Memorandum of understanding with Brittany and other Celtic Partners signed at Inaugural Celtic Forum.

Memorandum of understanding between The Regional Council of Brittany and The Scottish Government

The Region of Brittany and The Scottish Government (hereinafter referred to as "the Participants") express their mutual desire through this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise their common intention to pursue institutional co-operation.


Strengthened by their common cultural heritage, historical links and close existing bilateral friendships and relations, the Region of Brittany and the Scottish Government express their desire to develop and consolidate institutional relations between Brittany and Scotland, with a view to reciprocal and sustainable development for the benefit of our respective citizens.

This co-operation is intended to be operational and concrete and to be based on a programme of actions that will cover the following topics: institutional relations, culture and heritage, renewable energies, education and research, fisheries and diaspora.

The Participants hereby decide as follows:

Insofar as their respective competences allow, the Participants will seek to co-operate with each other to achieve the following objectives:

  • maintain and deepen institutional relations between Brittany and Scotland and pursue joint thinking on the contribution of the Celtic nations to the future of Europe.
  • support institutional and professional collaboration in the field of education and training, in particular by encouraging student mobility between Brittany and Scotland, co-operation between institutions, research collaboration and the common pursuit of talent and skills.
  • work on the enhancement, promotion, mutual knowledge of, and sharing of best practice between, the Breton and Scottish heritage and natural heritage sectors, in particular through the implementation of common projects between actors from Brittany and Scotland.
  • strengthen and expand the already close cultural relations between Brittany and Scotland, with a particular focus on Celtic languages, traditional and contemporary music, literature and the performing arts.
  • reinforce relations between Breton and Scottish diaspora communities, through institutional co-operation and support to joint diaspora projects.
  • reinforce exchanges, the promotion of common interests and the support of activities related to renewable energies, particularly in the development of marine renewable energies, offshore wind and hydrogen.
  • support engagement to address the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, through bilateral engagement and increased and active engagement (for example the Under2 Coalition).
  • support institutional and professional knowledge exchange in the area of maritime issues, particularly around fisheries, seafood trade and the decarbonisation of ports.
  • strengthen economic relations between Brittany and Scotland by promoting a better understanding of the respective economic environments and the implementation of projects and meetings for respective economic stakeholders.

Both Participants will strive to involve interested stakeholders from both countries in the implementation of their projects.

In order to ensure the implementation of this co-operation arrangement, an action plan will be defined for a period of 48 months (i.e. a mid-term review of the co-operation arrangement).

The Participants accept that ministerial representatives of the Regional Council of Brittany and the Scottish Government, will meet regularly, and at least once a year, to assess the progress of the projects set out in the action plan, to renew or amend it and to address issues of common interest.

This MoU may be amended and supplemented at any time with the agreement of both Participants. It is accepted that the arrangement will be reviewed after a period of five years from the date of execution.

This MoU will not create any legal obligations or commitments between the Participants.

This MoU was signed in French and English, both texts being equivalent.

Rennes, 03 August 2023

For The Regional Council of Brittany

Loïg Chesnais-Girard   

President of the Regional Council

For The Scottish Government

Shona Robison

Deputy First Minister, Scottish Government

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