Carer's Allowance at February 2019 and Carer's Allowance Supplement April 2019 eligibility date

Information on recipients of Carer’s Allowance in Scotland at February 2019 and recipients of the Carer's Allowance Supplement (CAS) to the April eligibility date 2019.

11 November 2019: The figures for the proportion of Carer’s Allowance claimants by age band and duration of award in Table S6 have been corrected in the publication tables and text. The previously published proportions were based on data for claimants at Great Britain level. These have now been corrected to be based on data at Scotland level. In most cases the percentage of claimants within a category has changed by between -1 and +1 percentage points, with the greatest change being -9 percentage points in the category for those aged 65 and over who have been in receipt of an award for 5 years or more. Scotland level data published on StatXplore has not been affected by this issue.

Summary statistics for carer’s allowance at May 2019: tables
Summary statistics for carer’s allowance at May 2019
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