Careers in Marine Scotland

Information about career opportunities in Marine Scotland and what it is like to work there.


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Types of jobs in Marine Scotland

There's a huge range of things that you can do within Marine Scotland. We have everything from scientists to engineers, librarians to Fishery Officers,and Economists to Commanding Officers. 

You can find out more in the topic sheets and day in the life stories below.

Careers in Marine Scotland - topic sheets

Working as a coastal British Sea Fishery Officer (BSFO)
Working at sea
Careers in Marine Science
International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Day in the Life

Gemma Gatherum: Fishery Officer
Christopher Kowalski: Fishery Officer
Dr Faye Jackson: Freshwater science
Dr Jessica Craig: Fisheries Data Programme
Matt Kinghorn: Netrigger
Mike Watson: MSS engineering
Dr Berit Rabe: Physical Oceanographer
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