Campbeltown to Ballycastle Ferry Service: written authority - January 2002

Written authority and formal request concerning the Campbeltown to Ballycastle Ferry Service. A Written Authority is provided to Accountable Officers by Ministers in circumstances when delivering an action is inconsistent with the Accountable Officer’s Duties and a ministerial direction on the specific action is required to continue.


Officials had carried financial and economic appraisals which advised Ministers that, with a high anticipated subsidy requirement and a low level of forecast employment creation, the ferry service did not represent value for money in terms of the probable costs and economic benefits.  

Therefore, on 29 January 2002, the Accountable Officer Nicola Munro sent Wendy Alexander, Minister for Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning a written authority regarding the Campbeltown to Ballycastle Ferry Service. Download a copy of the written authority and a copy of the formal request.


Date of written authority: 29/01/02 (1st Scottish Parliamentary Session)
Portfolio: Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning (ELLD)
Accountable Officer: Nicola Munro
Minister: Wendy Alexander



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