Building Standards (Fire Safety) Review Panel: minutes index

A sub-group of the building and fire safety working group.


  1. To review standards in light of evidence from Grenfell Tower.
  2. To comment on appropriateness and relevance of the current standards and guidance.
  3. To consider the relevant of British Standard and European tests.
  4. To provide an opinion of whether any changes are necessary.
  5. To keep this under review, as further evidence emerges.


To recommend what changes might be necessary.

Review Panel International Sub-Group: remit/objectives

The purpose of the international sub-group is to scrutinise the work of the review panel and give an international perspective.


  • Dr Paul Stollard

Review Panel members

  • Sam Allwinkle, Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists
  • Luke Bisby, Edinburgh University
  • Colin Blick, Welsh Government
  • Damien Fairley, Northern Ireland Building Regulations
  • Stephen Good, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre
  • Alan McAulay, Local Authority Building Standards Scotland
  • Keith McGillivray, British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association
  • Dave Latto, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Debbie Smith, BRE Global
  • Colin Todd, CS Todd Associates Ltd.
  • Mike Wood, Fire Sector Federation
  • Brian Martin, Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government
  • Stewart Dalgarno, Construction Scotland

Review Panel International Sub-Group members

  • Brain Ashe, Australian Building Control Board, Australia
  • Brian Meacham, Worcester Polytechnic, (from 01/01/2018 Meacham Associates), USA
  • Rainer Mikulits, Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering, Austria
  • IJsbrand van Straalen, Dutch research organisation TNO, the Netherlands
  • Stephen Garvin, Scottish Government

Review Panel minutes

Minutes of December 2018 meeting
Minutes of April 2018 meeting
Minutes of January 2018 meeting
Minutes of October 2017 meeting

Review Panel International Sub-Group minutes

Minutes of May 2018 meeting
Minutes of February 2018 meeting
Minutes of November 2017 meeting

Report of the review panel on building standards (fire safety) in Scotland



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