Aquaculture science and research: microscopy

Within the microscopy suite, scientists have access to a wide range of modern microscopy equipment and techniques.

Within the microscopy suite, scientists have access to a wide range of modern microscopy equipment and techniques. Equipment includes:

Multiple upright microscopes suitable for evaluation of slides:

  • Bright field, Phase contrast, Differential interference contrast (DIC)
  • Teaching arms for dual user collaboration
  • Virtual Slide Scanning and digital microscopy

Inverted microscopes suitable for live and tissue culture specimens:

  • Bright field, relief contrast
  • Digital fluorescence
  • Optical Sectioning

Dissecting microscopes for specimen preparation and identification

  • Transmitted/Reflected light
  • Fluorescence capability

A wide range of high quality cameras and digital imaging software is also available to use.



  • Histopathology
  • Immuno-histochemistry (IHC)
  • Tissue culture
  • Slide scanning/Digital pathology

Optical sectioning

Optical sectioning allows investigators to obtain very thin slices from thick specimens using the microscope by removing the out-of-focus light from above and below the image plane. This results in very sharp images with high levels of contrast allowing three-dimensional reconstructions.

Zeiss VivaTome

  • Automated optical sectioning inverted microscope.
  • Acquire bright field and optical sectioned fluorescence images simultaneously.
  • Allows clear 3D reconstruction of a sample.
  • High temporal resolution of up to 30 images per second ideal for live samples.
  • Temperature controlled incubation for petri dishes and chamber slides.

Virtual slide scanning

Virtual slide microscopy offers both pathologists and researchers the unique potential to acquire complete slides at maximum magnification and resolution, to enable diagnosis, analysis and archiving of samples for discussion both remotely or in online conferences.

Virtual slide technology enables users to exceed the limits of conventional digital microscopy and telepathology in both the size and the resolution of image files that can be discussed, as well as in time and location of discussion with colleagues.

Olympus DotSlide Virtual Slide Aquisition System 

  • Fully automated virtual slide scanner.
  • Take an exact bright field copy of an entire slide at up to 40x magnification.
  • Automated batch scanning of up to 50 slides at one time.
  • Zoom in and out of virtual slides with no image load times.
  • Evaluate and share slides, diagnose and consult with colleagues remotely.
  • Digital archiving on slides
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