Appointments or employment of former staff: December 2020 - April 2021

Outside appointments or employment taken up by former staff at SCS1 and SCS2 and equivalents (including special advisers of equivalent standing).

December 1 2020 - April 30 2021

Full Name of Applicant

Title of Former Scottish Government Role

Date Left/Retired from the Civil Service

New Appointment/Employment (including date taken up)

Scottish Government Decision on Application (including details of any waiting period or  other conditions or restrictions applied)

 Paul Cackette

Director of Outbreak Management

 8 January 2021

Planning Reporter,  Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA)

11 January 2021


Fiona McQueen

Chief Nursing Officer

30 April 2021

Board member, Scottish Police Authority

1 April 2021


NB: During April Prof McQueen took part in SPA Board member induction activities whilst on annual leave from her CNO role.

Aileen Easton

Interim Deputy Director Communication/Head of News


4 April 2021

Communications, public affairs and business development for Balkans, Africa and Middle East, Bechtel

5 April 2021


Robert Irvine

Deputy Director, Water

16 April 2021

Gateway Review consultancy work through Ridgeway Associates

19 April 2021


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