NHSScotland assets and facilities 2015: annual report

Fifth edition of the state of NHS Scotland assets and facilities report (SAFR).


This fifth edition of the State of NHSScotland Assets and Facilities Report is now widely recognised as a key reference document used to inform decisions on the continuing investment in assets and facilities services to deliver the Scottish Government's "2020 Vision" for sustainable high quality in health. Getting the right assets and facilities services in place will be central to achieving the "2020 Vision" and will require major change to the type and distribution of assets and facilities services and the way in which we prioritise investment in the future.

This year's report begins by reflecting on the achievements secured over the last five years in asset management and strategic investment planning in support of NHSScotland's 2020 Vision.

The Report also builds on the work of previous years, focussing on monitoring and comparing year on year performance on a comprehensive basis across the totality of NHSScotland's assets and facilities services. The report presents a detailed and rigorous scrutiny of asset performance. In doing so it increases understanding and knowledge of the contribution that ongoing investment in assets and facilities services is making to the delivery of the long-term goals of improving the quality of the healthcare environment, shifting the balance of care closer to home, meeting environmental commitments, and delivering value for money through increased productivity and efficient use of resources.

The Report provides a range of information that should help Boards target limited resources on achieving maximum benefit and value for money from investment.

As in previous years, Boards have been highly supportive in recognising the importance of this report, and their willingness to provide information to support the detailed scrutiny of performance that underpins the report is to be commended.

Calum Campbell
Chair of Assets & Facilities Programme Board
Chief Executive NHS Lanarkshire

Christine McLaughlin
Director of Health Finance
Health and Social Care


Email: Alan Morrison, Alan.Morrison@scot.gov

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