Tackling child poverty delivery plan 2022-2026 - annex 8: children's rights and wellbeing impact assessment

Results of our children's rights and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA) on the policy development of Best Start, Bright Futures: the second tackling child poverty delivery plan 2022 to 2026.

1. Which articles of the UNCRC does this policy/measure impact on?

Realising Scotland's Ambition for Families impacts upon several articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) (see annex 1):

Article 2: non-discrimination

Article 3: best interest to be a primary consideration

Article 4: implementation of the convention

Article 6: life, survival, and development

Article 12: respect for the views of the child

Article 18: parental responsibilities and State's assistance

Article 20: right to special protection

Article 24: right to health and health services

Article 25: right to be safe and happy of outside the home

Article 26: right to social security

Article 27: right to adequate standard of living

Article 28: right to education

Article 31: right to leisure, play and participation in cultural and artistic activities

For a simplified version of the UNCRC articles: UNCRC Articles Archive - The Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland (cypcs.org.uk)


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