Homeless Persons (Unsuitable Accommodation) (Scotland) Order 2020 amendment: Fairer Scotland Duty summary

A Fairer Scotland Duty impact assessment summary for the Unsuitable Accommodation Order extension.

Fairer Scotland Duty

Title of Policy, Strategy, Programme etc

The Homeless Persons (Unsuitable Accommodation) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2020

Summary of aims and expected outcomes of strategy, proposal, programme or policy

The aim of the policy is to extend the seven day restriction on time spent in unsuitable accommodation to all people experiencing homelessness. The extension means that the maximum number of days that local authorities can use unsuitable accommodation for any homeless person is 7 days.

The current Unsuitable Accommodation Order (UAO) is only applicable to pregnant women or families with dependent children. Extending the UAO to all homeless people aims to reduce inequalities for other homeless groups. The UAO extension will mean that all groups (all homeless people) are covered by the restriction and should not be placed in unsuitable accommodation for more than 7 days.

Summary of evidence

The evidence shows that there are inequalities under the current UAO as there are only 2 homeless groups that are restricted from staying in unsuitable accommodation for more than 7 days.

Statistics show that it is detrimental to the general wellbeing for people who remain in unsuitable accommodation for long periods. Not having access to appropriate accommodation means they are more likely to suffer from various health issues.

Summary of assessment findings

No changes are being made to the proposed legislation as it aims to reduce the inequality for other 'non-priority' groups that currently exists.

Sign off

Janine Kellett, Unit Head, Homelessness, Better Homes Division

4 May 2020

On behalf of:

Name: Catriona MacKean

Job title: DD Better Homes Division


Email: Homelessness_External_Mail@gov.scot

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