Actions agreed at the cabinet meeting with children and young people: progress report

Report on progress made on the actions agreed at the first annual meeting of cabinet members and children and young people on 28 February 2017.

01. Introduction

We held our first annual meeting of Cabinet members and children and young people, with representatives from the Children’s Parliament and Scottish Youth Parliament, on 28 February 2017, at Bute House.

At this meeting children and young people raised issues that were important to them.

A short film, co-produced by the children, highlighted school and teachers, feeling safe in the community, bullying, and what children need as areas to be discussed.

On the young people’s agenda were “Lead the Way” (Scottish Youth Parliament manifesto), children and young people’s rights, “Speak Your Mind” campaign (on mental health), and the future of Scotland’s relationship with Europe.

At the end of the meeting, Cabinet members and children and young people collectively agreed actions for the year ahead. These actions have been taken forward by relevant Scottish Government policy teams. This report sets out the progress on these actions over the past year.


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