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Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration and Srebrenica Memorial Day

27 January is the annual commemoration day for the Holocaust and the genocides that followed it: Cambodia (1975 to 1979), Bosnia (1992 to 1995), Rwanda (1994) and Darfur (2003 to the present).

The Scottish national Holocaust commemoration event is hosted by a different local authority each year.

Interfaith Scotland chairs the steering group for the event. This includes representatives from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, the Scottish Government, the host council and Police Scotland.

We provide Interfaith Scotland with a £5,000 grant to support the development of the national event and a week-long programme.

This funding supports the costs of transport and accommodation for guest speakers, some from overseas, as well as the costs of an additional staff member.

We recognised the Srebrenica genocide as part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2015. And we support Remembering Srebrenica to recognise the commemoration date (11 July).