Low carbon living

Meeting Scotland’s world-leading climate targets will require a truly national endeavour. Moving toward a net-zero society will require all aspects of Scottish society to embrace significant changes in order for us to meet our ambitious targets.

Climate week

Climate Week aims to raise awareness of climate change and to encourage people to consider the actions required from all sectors of society in order to achieve a net-zero society. It has grown in scale since its inception in 2016 in a way that reflects an increasing interest among the Scottish people to engage and make meaningful change. Organisations from every sector of society come together to showcase the actions they're taking to combat the global climate emergency and promote cross-sectoral collaboration.

Scotland’s Climate Week 2019 proved very successful as a large number of businesses, schools and universities took part alongside the public sector to celebrate climate action and help drive awareness of climate change. We are grateful to everyone for their efforts to support Climate Week 2019 helping to raise awareness about climate change across multiple sectors of Scottish society

However, the work doesn’t end here. We all need to continue to work together to tackle the global climate emergency. This year, Climate Week 2020 will take place between 14 to 20 September 2020 and we will continue to raise its profile, encouraging participation from a range of organisations.

Public engagement strategy

We remain fully committed to a transition to net-zero emissions which places people at its heart. However, our approach to public engagement on climate change must reflect the changed social and economic context following the unprecedented public health crisis of coronavirus.

Therefore, following advice to ministers, we have delayed the publication of our new public engagement strategy.

We recognise that there is a need for a change in how we engage on climate issues more widely to support the Scottish public to make changes. We will publish a refreshed strategy with this in mind as soon as is reasonably practicable.

For further information on our policies, please email climate.change@gov.scot.


From July to the end of November of 2019, we engaged directly with the people of Scotland through the Big Climate Conversation to hear their concerns, priorities and ambition on how we respond to the global climate emergency. The final report of findings from the Big Climate Conversation has now been published alongside a companion technical annex

We created the Individual, Social and Material (ISM) tool in 2013 to help key policy areas, local authorities, environmental organisations and communities to develop initiatives for influencing low carbon behaviours. It enables us to measure progress by identifying relevant factors and looking at how they change over time.

We have produced:

We are planning to launch a new website in Autumn 2020 to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information for adopting a low carbon lifestyle. Previously, we created the Greener Scotland website to help people to understand how to incorporate low carbon behaviours into their daily lives.

We used the ISM tool as the basis for Shifting Normal, a guide to helping community groups to design and deliver successful projects for tackling climate change. We produced:


We published the Low Carbon Scotland behaviours framework in 2013 to lay out what we would do to drive and support the move to low carbon living in the lead-up to the first key climate change target in 2020.

In 2018, in line with the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, we reviewed the Low Carbon Scotland behaviours framework, our current public engagement strategy.

We concluded that the public engagement strategy should be revised.