A Culture Strategy for Scotland

We have published A Culture Strategy for Scotland (February 2020) which shows how important culture is to Scotland’s prosperity and sets the future direction for supporting culture in Scotland. The Strategy draws on the themes raised by individuals, artists and creative producers, organisations and communities across Scotland through our national culture conversation which began in 2017 and the public consultation of 2018.

A Culture Strategy for Scotland is centred on a vision which recognises the intrinsic value of culture and the power of culture to inspire, enrich and transform people’s lives, our communities and the places where we live, work and have fun. This vision for culture in Scotland is underpinned by three main ambitions:

  • strengthening culture
  • transforming through culture
  • empowering through culture

We have produced an overview of the strategy, which sets out the vision, ambitions, aims and guiding principles. Each of the three ambitions are underpinned by a series of actions which we have summarised and include new programmes and initiatives. These include an innovative Creative Communities Programme and a live arts and creative residencies pilot in education settings which will focus on areas of multiple deprivation across Scotland.

National Partnership for Culture

In response to consultation feedback on the draft culture strategy, the Scottish Government has established a National Partnership for Culture (NPC) to provide a cross-sector, interdisciplinary voice which can both advise and influence Scottish Ministers on the delivery of the Culture Strategy for Scotland.


To help shape early thinking around the themes and priorities for the strategy, we held a series of 'Culture Conversations' between June and December 2017. These aimed to stimulate discussion about what matters most to people about culture in Scotland, as well as what is working well and what needs to change to ensure that culture continues to benefit all of society.

The engagement report, which summarises the key themes and ideas which emerged from these early discussions, informed the development of a draft strategy which issued for public consultation in June 2018. The draft strategy set out a vision for culture in Scotland supported by a series of ambitions, aims and actions that will deliver the new National Outcome for culture: we are creative and our vibrant and diverse cultures are expressed and enjoyed widely.

The consultation closed in September 2018. Almost 220 responses were received which demonstrated overall support for the ambitions, aims and actions set out in the draft strategy: transforming through culture, empowering through culture, sustaining culture. Respondents included individual artists and creative practitioners, community groups, public bodies, local authorities, sector representative groups and members of the public across the length and breadth of Scotland.

The consultation analysis report, which sets out the findings of the public consultation, can be found here:


To find out more about the culture strategy, email culturestrategy@gov.scot or contact a member of the strategy team:

  • Donna Stewart, Senior Policy Manager: 0131 244 7682
  • Kelly Millar, Culture Strategy Policy Officer: 0131 244 4012
  • Clara Erso, Policy Support Officer: 0131 244 3977

You can also share your views on Twitter by mentioning @culturescotgov and using the hashtag #culturescot