Water and sewerage charges

Changes to unmeasured charges for non-household properties.

From April 2018, current Rateable Values will be used to calculate unmeasured water and sewerage charges Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has confirmed.

The water industry currently uses historic Rateable Values to calculate unmeasured charges, such as property and road drainage. For most non-household customers, these historic Rateable Values are different to those in the current valuation roll that are used to calculate Business Rates.

Ms Cunningham said:

“The use of historic Rateable Values by the water industry to calculate unmeasured charges is simply unfair. The Rateable Values date back to when the property was built, last modified, or 1995 – whichever is the most recent. This has meant that there can be significant differences between the amounts charged for properties with the same Rateable Value in the current valuation roll.

“By moving to the current Rateable Values, which will be established following the 2017 revaluation, we estimate that 57% of non-household customers will see a decrease in their bills, with those seeing an increase likely to be those for whom a very old Rateable Value is currently being used.

“A transition period will commence from April 2018 covering the years until April 1st 2020, at which point all non-household customers will be charged for their unmeasured water services based on their current Rateable Value.”


Unmeasured charges are those that are not calculated by reference to a meter. In Scotland, all non-household drainage charges are calculated on an unmeasured basis and are calculated by reference to a property’s Rateable Value. In addition, some non-household customers will pay water and sewerage charges by reference to the property’s Rateable Value where Scottish Water has been unable to install a meter.

More information can be found on the Scottish Government’s website http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Business-Industry/waterindustryscot/SWI-1/charges


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