UK budget does not end austerity

Finance Secretary responds to UK Government Budget.

The UK Government’s budget has failed to deliver an end to austerity according to Finance Secretary Derek Mackay.
Speaking after the UK Government budget, Mr Mackay says the UK Budget does not deliver on the promises of a significant uplift in public spending, as Scotland’s resource block grant remains almost £2 billion lower in real terms in 2019/20, than it was in 2010/11.
Commenting following the UK Government’s budget Mr Mackay said the budget does not deliver what Scotland needs.

Mr Mackay said:
“According to this budget, the Scottish Government’s resource block grant from the UK Government – the money we are able to invest in day to day public services - remains almost £2 billion lower next year compared with 2010-11. This budget falls a long way short of delivering for Scotland.
“The changes announced to universal credit do not go far enough.  They are just a drop in the ocean compared to the impact the roll-out of Universal Credit will have. I continue to call for the roll-out of Universal Credit to be halted – and halted straight away.
“Brexit is a serious threat to our economy and to household incomes. We continue to argue that the only deal that will deliver for Scotland is to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union.
“With the UK Government’s preferred approach to Brexit set to hit people’s incomes In Scotland by £1600 a head – the changes in this year’s budget do nothing to alleviate the impact Brexit will have.
“There was little in this budget to boost our public services.  The Scottish Government has already set out our plans to support the NHS in the years to come and the funding we have received as a result of health spending in England will go to our NHS in Scotland – but so far the UK Government has fallen at least £50m short of what was promised only 4 months ago. 
“The reality of today’s budget is that Scotland continues to be hit by UK austerity and the decision to leave the EU.
“I have consistently argued for a better settlement for Scotland, and this budget does not reflect that.”


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