Supporting rape and domestic abuse victims

Investment to fund vital services. 

Victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse will be able to access support quicker thanks to an additional £2 million of funding from the Scottish Government.

The funding will go to Rape Crisis Scotland and Scottish Women’s Aid so they can reduce their waiting lists for women who need support services, including refuge places and counselling. Last year, both organisations supported more than 27,000 women and girls, but demand for their services has grown.

The £2 million for 2024-25 is in addition to £19 million annual funding the Scottish Government provides to support women with experience of violence through our Delivering Equally Safe fund.  

Victims and Community Safety Minister Siobhian Brown said:  

“Violence against women and girls is abhorrent and these frontline services provide much needed support to victims and survivors.

“We recognise the vital work that women’s aids and rape crisis centres do day in, day out to support women, girls and families. Demand for these services is increasing, which is why we are providing record funding, investing an additional £2 million to help with immediate need. This is in addition to funding received through our Delivering Equally Safe Fund.

“Alongside supporting those impacted, we are committed to tackling violence against women and girls, and addressing the underlying attitudes and systems that perpetuate it through our Equally Safe Strategy. It is this that needs to change to eradicate the violence too many experience.”

Rape Crisis Scotland Chief Executive Sandy Brindley said: 

“We are delighted that funding has been extended for 10 of our member centres who were facing the most significant issues with waiting lists.

“This funding will help Rape Crisis Centres across Scotland to continue to provide specialist support to survivors of sexual violence that can be truly lifesaving.  

“Demand for Rape Crisis support is ever-growing, and it is vital that when survivors reach out for support, they are able to receive it when they need it, not weeks or months later.” 

Scottish Women’s Aid Chief Executive Marsha Scott said: 

“This is such welcome news. In this time of rising costs and rising demand, Women’s Aid services in Scotland have never been stretched thinner, and children and women needing support should never have to sit on a waiting list.   

“We are grateful not only that the fund has been extended until the end of the next financial year but that the Scottish Government has responded to concerns about inflation and mounting pressure on staff who work so hard to provide sometimes life-saving services.” 


 The total grant value is £2,077,703 

  • Rape Crisis Scotland - £1,167,000 
  • Scottish Women’s Aid - £910,703 


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