Support for green ports proposals

Notes of interest expressed by organisations across Scotland.

Proposals to establish fair and sustainable green ports have attracted support from industry and public bodies after nine informal notes of interest were submitted by organisations across Scotland.

The Scottish green port model adapts the UK Government’s freeport model to fit the Scottish context and help deliver a net-zero emissions economy and Fair Work First approach, while supporting innovation, trade and inclusive growth.

The notes of interest exercise forms part of our consultation with stakeholders, which is designed to provide further insight into the places and businesses that can benefit from green ports. The Scottish Government is continuing to engage with the UK Government to agree a joint proposal that best meets the needs of business and communities in Scotland.  

Business Minister Ivan McKee said:

“This demonstrates a real appetite for the comprehensive and exciting proposals published by the Scottish Government to deliver green ports. With nine notes of interest submitted by industry and public bodies to help deliver these plans, it is evident our ambitions on fair work and net zero are aligned to the interests of business.

“With clear industry support we would once again encourage the UK Government to recognise that green ports are aligned to the needs of businesses and communities in Scotland.

“Green growth is crucial to our economic recovery – something recognised by UK Ministers with the publication of the UK Board of Trade report on green trade and the Chancellor’s comments on the importance of ensuring a green recovery. Given these UK-wide ambitions, we would expect UK Ministers to support the Scottish Government’s green port ambitions on fair work and net zero.

“We remain committed to working in partnership to deliver green ports that will help create a sustainable economy that promotes good jobs and supports our important net zero commitments.”


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The informal expression of interest closed on Tuesday 27 July. This exercise forms part of our consultation on green ports and is not part of the formal application or selection process, which will follow, subject to agreement by the UK Government.

Noting interest at this stage does not preclude any party submitting a formal application in due course, nor will preference be given to any future bids based on whether or not a related note of interest has been submitted. In addition, none of the information submitted as part of this process will be taken into account in assessing any bid that might be submitted in the future.

Green port operators and businesses in the zone can benefit from a package of tax and customs incentives. Beneficiaries will adopt Fair Work First criteria, which include: no inappropriate use of zero-hours contracts, payment of the real living wage, action to tackle the gender pay gap, investing in workforce development and providing appropriate effective voice channels for workers, such as trade union recognition.

Notes of interest have been submitted for the following areas of Scotland (precise locations of the green ports would be specified as part of a future bidding process):

  • Shetland
  • Orkney
  • Cromarty Firth
  • Aberdeen and Peterhead
  • Montrose
  • Dundee
  • Firth of Forth
  • Glasgow City Region
  • Cairnryan


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