Support for adult survivors of childhood abuse

Funding for mental health and wellbeing services

Up to £2.23 million funding is being made available to third sector organisations providing counselling, peer support and practical support to adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Support groups can now apply for the latest round of grants from the Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support (SOCAS) Fund which will be made available from October 2024 to March 2026 and will enable groups to enhance or expand their current services.

Since it was set up in 2020, the SOCAS fund has seen more than 16,000 survivors supported by 29 organisations.

Mental Wellbeing Minister Maree Todd said:

“We want all survivors to be provided with services which allow them to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

“This latest round of funding, up to £2.23 million per annum, builds on almost £10 million invested since establishing the Fund in 2020, and is designed to reduce the impact of the inequalities and disadvantages survivors often experience as a result of abuse.

“Our recently published Mental Health Strategy Delivery Plan outlines the importance of survivors having access to services which promote sustained recovery through person-centred, trauma-informed support and treatment - this funding will enable more people to get the help which is right for them.”

Director of Funds at Inspiring Scotland Kaylie Allen said:

“The Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support fund provides vital help for survivors to enjoy a safe and healthy life with improved wellbeing and sense of safety.

“Helping people affected by trauma is at the heart of the Inspiring Scotland strategy so we welcome the continuation of the Scottish Government’s funding and look forward to supporting applicants through the application process."


Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support Fund 2024 - 2026 - Inspiring Scotland

The Survivor Support Innovation and Development fund (2017-2020) supported 26 organisations who worked with adult survivors of childhood abuse and received £1.3 million per annum in funding. The current SOCAS Fund (2020-2024) funds 29 organisations which support adult survivors and receives around £2.5 million per annum.

Find the full list of organisations who currently receive funding and more information on Inspiring Scotland, who administer the fund on behalf of the Scottish Government - Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support Fund - Inspiring Scotland


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