ScotlandsPeople website launched

Website revamp to help people search for their Scottish ancestors online.

ScotlandsPeople - the website which helps people search for their Scottish ancestors online - has been revamped and relaunched with a new look and a number of new features.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) operates ScotlandsPeople, which has on average 3.4m site views a year and around 1 million unique users since its launch in 2002.

As part of the most extensive upgrade to the service since 2010, users will be able to search statutory record indexes including birth, death and marriage certificates for free for the first time. Users will now only be charged if they wish to view or download a record image.

The new site also features an improved web design which allows customers to access ScotlandsPeople across digital devices, and an enhanced search function which allows them to locate and view records with greater ease.

Chief Executive of NRS, Tim Ellis said:

“ScotlandsPeople is internationally recognised as the place to start any personal journey into Scottish ancestry. At National Records of Scotland, we’re excited about the new site and look forward to helping both budding and expert genealogists to find out even more about their heritage.

“In addition, we’re keen to develop ScotlandsPeople further and will continue to engage with users and listen to their feedback over the coming weeks and months.”

The launch also marks the start of a new chapter for ScotlandsPeople in another important way; all customer relations will be undertaken in-house by NRS for the first time. Technical support for ScotlandsPeople is to be provided by international technology company CACI Limited. The previous site was built by FindMyPast Limited who ran ScotlandsPeople for 14 years.

Greg Bradford, Chief Executive of CACI Limited said:

“CACI is honoured that National Records of Scotland chose us to help them build their new integrated, secure website.

“By putting the user at the centre of the design, NRS and CACI have been able to create an easy-to-use site that delivers fast and accurate search results. We hope the users agree that the new site delivers a richer and more seamless customer experience.”

Jay Verkler, CEO of Findmypast Limited said:

“Since the launch of Scotlandspeople back in 2002, Findmypast and NRS have helped millions of people learn more about their Scottish heritage and the service has garnered acclaim from genealogists from all around the world.

“We wish NRS every success in the future and will continue to maintain the strong relationship that has led to the development of this fantastic service.”

Notes to editors

The new website is separate from the records system used in the ScotlandsPeoples centre in Edinburgh and in the local history centres across Scotland

Customers will not be charged as they formerly were - to search an index relating to the Birth, Death and Marriage Register, Old Parish Register or Open Census records. Customers will not be asked to pay a fee until they wish to view an image.

The cost has increased from £7 for 30 credits to £7.50 for 30 credits. Thirty credits will enable customers to purchase 5 images at cost of £1.50 per image of a document.

The new charging structure allows free access to the record indexes for everyone.

ScotlandsPeople compares favourably to similar services provided by agencies in other parts of the United Kingdom; while births, marriage and death indexes are free to search in England and Wales, images are not available to view and customers have to purchase certificates at £9.25 per certificate.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) is a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government. Our purpose is to collect, preserve and produce information about Scotland's people and history and make it available to inform current and future generations. Our work underpins the fabric of Scottish society: telling the story of our nation

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